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Please enjoy scrolling through our extensive gallery of previous estate sales conducted. We know you will appreciate the evidence of the quality and expertise each sale is conducted with. Only with Golden Girls Estate Sales do you receive the expert staging techniques that showcase your items in the best possible way. 

For more information on how our sales are conducted please 






"Thank you for your timely and excellent solution related to the liquidation of my home and property. I can still remember having just one week to have the sale and move. Therefore, left us with a small window of time. 

Due to your enthusiastic and positive outlook the sale was mre than I could have ever imagined. Thank you Golden Girls Estate Sales and most of all....Debbie, I thank you!"


Julie Albright

Kerrville, TX

"The Golden Girls Estate Sale Team was outstanding and highly exceeded my expectations. They turned what I thought would be very stressful and a large amount of work into an outstanding experience. Their outstanding work was evident during the show when they made a sixty year old home look like a model home and after the sale as the home was the cleanest I had seen it in 30 years. I would highly recommend the Golden Girls for any estate sale needs."

 Cody Harlow

Austin, Texas


"Debbie and her team are a real asset for our community!"

Martha Auten

Avid estate sale shopper


"Working with Debbie Tinney has been a fabulous experience! Her integrity, work ethic, eye for detail, and overall experience of the estate sale business, has helped my business grow. Whether it’s a fabulous antique, home décor, furniture or general items for my retail/consignment business, I know I can count on Debbie and Golden Girls to come through!!" 

Tiffinie Maenius, Owner

The Attic

Fredericksburg, TX


"Dear Debra,

   I write this letter to thank you for your handling of my estate pieces in the last few years. Your attention to detail, professionalism and patience have made our transactions a real pleasure. Your website offers an elegant glimpse into upcoming sales and represents your customers well.

    You possess a kind spirit and seem to sense when a particular piece has sentimental value and have treated me with great patience. You have always been more than fair in pricing items and have never failed to be honest when I had expected a higher price on a particular piece than was realistic.

   Debra, one of the things that keeps me placing my pieces with you for sale is your sense of honor. These days, when people are letting their actions be driven by greed, you have maintained a fair, honest approach to all your business dealings.

    I have recommended your service/company to many friends and will continue to do so."

Warm Regards,

Jane E. Youngblood

Last Dance Ranch

Mountain Home, TX 78058


"Dear Debbie,

    This letter is to acknowledge the professional relationship I have had with Mrs. Debbie Tinney, the owner and operator of Golden Girls Estate Sales of Kerrville, Texas.

    Please allow me to take the opportunity to thank you for the integrity shown and trustworthy ability to get a job done.

    You are indeed a creative problem-solver and I will always be so grateful to you and your company."


Julie Albright


 "I met Debbie Tinney at one of her Estate sales and have been recommending her to my friends who may be in need of her services.

   Her sales are impeccable, staged to perfection, and with the special attention to detail that only Debbie can provide.

   She is an independent entrepeneur and exercises good judgement in making decisions. Her pricing is fair and competetive. She works well with her clients, is dependable, and completes tasks in a timely manner.

   Her spirit of cooperation and teamwork with her employees as well as her customers has earned a great deal of respect in the community, professionally and personally!"


Sheila Dettloff Oniu


 "Debbie Tinney of Golden Girls Estate Sales handled my estate sale at

2287 Cypress Creek Rd Comfort Texas in 2011. Every aspect went extremely well - revenue, professionalism, promptness, courtesy, assistance.

   As a widower, this kind of help was much appreciated! Needless to say, I would recommend Debbie and her staff at Golden Girls without reservation."


Neil M Dunn

"My wife and I dreamed of the day we could travel full time in our RV. But it seems by the time we could almost set that life in motion, we were just overwhelmed by the work required to condense our world down to what would fit in a fifth wheel trailer. Then, appearing on the horizon, a Knight in Shining Armor on a Great White Stallion rearing up on hind legs, rode in to our rescue. Well, Debbie was actually, driving a truck. I’ve seen all the wonderful accolades about Debby on her “Testimonials Page”, and I concur with them all. The untiring preparation that goes on before the sale is nothing short of amazing. People who think they can just “put on a garage sale” are lost, wandering in the desert. I never had a clue about the 10 days of professional preparation needed before a successful sale. In selecting someone to touch every item precious to us (including all the junk), one qualification jumped out to me. Honesty. The person holding such a sale, is in a position to really “pad their pockets” without raising any suspicions, if they were so inclined. Debbie is not so inclined. In addition to her professionalism, dedication to task, energy, experience, and savvy, Debbie is impeccably honest. I will forever be grateful to Debbie and her Golden Girls, for making our dream, a reality. Our home is bare and for sale, and we are in our Fifth Wheel."

Gary W.

Kerrville, TX

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