Golden Girls Estate Sales -
  •  Is Golden Girls Insured and bonded?
Yes, we are insured by Antiques and Collectibles, Inc.
•   Is there a base or setup fee?
No, our commission/pay is based strictly on items sold.
  • Will I be charged for the advertising?
No, there is no separate or additional fee for advertising. Golden Girls pays for all advertisement up-front and is reimbursed out of our commission. We make a personal investment in each of our sales, proving our commitment and dedication to making your sale a success!
  • What kind of advertising do you provide?
Golden Girls pays for all advertising, which includes newspapers, website (including photos), social media and our well established email base.
•  What if I only have a few items to sell?
We offer the option to combine your items with other sales. Expenses incurred for moving the items are the responsibility of the contracted party.
  • What happens to my unsold items?
Arrangements can be made to put your unsold items in another sale. 

Donation to a charitable organization is also an option. Donation arrangements are the responsibility of the contracted party.